We are fun, friendly and family orientated medieval enthusiasts

We do not rest even when the fall leaves pave way for winter. This October we get together to celebrate our passion for the faire. A strong sense of community is a large part of what makes the faire so much fun. It’s a unique chance to move away from trials and tribulations of modern life, don your medieval personality and have fun.

“Thus passes away the glory of the world.”

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Frederick County Fairgrounds

We aim to recreate an environment of the high medieval period. Founded 2017 in Winchester Virginia,, our interests span the period from the early middle ages through the high Renaissance period.

The 2019 Ravenwood Faire, located at 250 Fairground Road in Clear Brook Virginia, aims to recreate the chivalry of Nobility and Knights in all their splendor and glory at Raven Court. Walk the market or unwind at one of the taverns. Don your finest period attire or simply enjoy the spectacle!

Ravenwood Faire Map

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