About Us

Ravenwood Foundation was conceived to help our youth (12-17) and young adults through the unique challenges and obstacles these age groups face within the community. We believe that the key to successfully transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is through family, education and civic duty. Ravenwood aims to provide the venues, skills, and services to the community which appeals to and promotes these values. To fulfill this mission, Ravenwood:

a. Promotes research and knowledge development in the arts and sciences;
b. Provides opportunities to engage in recreational, competitive and socially engaging arts and sciences experiences;
c. Sponsors, hosts and participates in events and activities that promote the arts and sciences.

Tax Deductible Public Charity

Ravenwood Foundation is an approved 501(c)3 Virginia nonprofit corporation. For convenience to our donors and sponsors, our 501(c)3 approval is made available here.