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Autumn arrives with cooler breezes in the air. As the fall harvest completes, the Baron and Baroness of Ravenwood invite everyone to celebrate the harvest bounties. Artisans and craftsman have brought their finest wares for your consideration. Only the finest food and drink for this festival of abundance and prosperity and the meads and ales have been made ready. Join Baron Robert and Baroness Adela at the Ravenwood Faire! ~Be serenaded by the known world's finest musicians! ~Relax with a drink and a delicacy from one of our many talented cooks and brewers! ~Be astounded by the prowess of the barony's own Ravenwood Riders! ~Watch the Queen's knights fight for the entertainment of the populace and to catch the Queen's eye! ~Take the Grail Quest or return to complete a new challenge! Let the festivities begin! Huzzah!

“Thus passes away the glory of the world.”