Ravenwood Foundation presents ~ Ravenwood Faire ~    Ravenwood Faire will be held at Frederick County Fairgrounds, located at 250 Fairground Road, Clear Brook, VA 22624.  Ravenwood Faire is a themed venue aiming to provide the community a family friendly experience, consistent with our mission, reflective of the life and times of civilization around the world in the late medieval and high renaissance period of history.  This event is open to the public with paid admission.  The venue success is dependent upon quality vendors, skilled artists and performers, volunteers, admissions, and effective marketing campaigns.  These rules have been designed to provide the best attendee experience..


Sites are reserved for the 3-day Ravenwood Faire (Oct. 18-20, 2024), 3-day Ravenwood Faire (Oct. 25-27, 2024)  or both weekends. Please make sure to specify when applying.

Oct 18, 2024 (3 p.m. – 9 p.m.), Oct 19, 2024 (10:00 am-7:00 pm), October 20, 2024 (10:00 am -5:00 pm) AND Oct 25, 2024 (3 p.m. – 9 p.m.), Oct 26, 2024 (10:00 am-7:00 pm), October 27, 2024 (10:00 am -5:00 pm)

  • Application Fee is $25 (non-refundable)
  • 12′ x 12′ Site Fee is fixed at $125 for one weekend    or       $225 for both weekends
  • 24′ x 24′ Site Fee is fixed at $175 for one weekend    or       $275 for both weekends
  • Request for Electric – $30 for one weekend – $50 for both weekends    * There are a very limited amount of sites with electricity *
  • Camping charge  – $25 for one weekend      or         $40 for both weekends
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE is August 1, 2024

Contact sales@ravenwoodfaire.us for multi-site discounts, gross receipts  and general questions.


Vendor Refund Policy:  A cancellation notice must be made in writing by the same person who signed the vendor agreement. A cancellation notice received at least (2) two weeks prior to the event date is subject to a full refund of Site Fee only. A cancellation notice received less than (2) two weeks prior to the event date is subject to a partial refund of Site Fee only.  If Site Fee was paid by credit card, the credit card fees are nonrefundable since those charges are kept by the credit card processor, not Ravenwood Faire, LLC. Cancellation notice should be sent via email to:  vendor@ravenwoodfaire.us 

Tent and Equipment

Participants will provide their own tent, booth, cart, tables, chairs and décor.  Participants are responsible for erecting, securing and ensuring conformance with faire theme.  Staff will be onsite during the posted times to coordinate setup, operation and breakdown. Tents must be flame retardant or treated with flame retardant materials. * Pop up tents, not recommended for the weather *

Any special accessibility needs, site(s) requirements or special access times should be brought to the attention of Ravenwood Faire/Ravenwood Foundation at least two (2) weeks prior to event for consideration.


Tent, temporary booth or cart décor must fit the festival theme. Contemporary table and chairs legs should be covered to the best of vendor’s ability. Plastic or contemporary storage containers should be kept out of sight. 


Participants must have at least one representative operating their approved site(s) from  ~ 2:00PM through 9:30 PM – Oct 18, 2024, ~ 9:30AM-7:30PM – Oct 19, 2024, ~ 9:30AM-5:30PM – October 20, 2024, ~ 2:00PM through 9:30 PM – Oct 25, 2024, ~ 9:30AM through 7:30PM, ~ Oct 26, 2024, 9:30AM-5:30PM – October 27, 2024 – for each public operating day.  Having an assistant is encouraged to give you breaks. All participants must be listed on the participant form for security check-in and have a signed release agreement for our records.


Electricity, water and other special requests must be approved at least two (2) weeks prior to event.  Participants should maintain one fire extinguisher per site.  Prior approval from Ravenwood Faire, LLC is required for participants relying upon or incorporating fire or flammable materials within the fairgrounds.  This approval will stipulate additional requirements (i.e. fire-retardant materials, fire suppression, insurance).

All staff, vendors, performers and volunteers are required to wear attire to fit the faire medieval and renaissance theme (approximately 700 A.D. through 1700 A.D.).  It is the responsibility of each performer to obtain costumes.  At time of writing, there will be no Costume Shop available at Ravenwood Faire.


All participant vehicles will be required to prominently display a “Participant Parking Permit” in their vehicle while on the fairgrounds.  Badges and permits will be sent out with your welcome letters via snail mail.


Participants are responsible for holding valid and in effect required licenses, permits and/or certificates required to participate at Ravenwood Faire. Ravenwood Faire must receive copy of same prior to operation within the faire.

Frederick County Vendor Permit

Specifically, Frederick County Virginia requires the out of jurisdiction (those not already registered to do business in Frederick County) must complete and submit with the $35 fee to the county directly.  They require this starting the week of OCTOBER 7, 2024, and no later than OCTOBER 14, 2024  The application directly with the county is here:

Products sold to Ravenwood Faire patrons must be handcrafted of natural materials and fit the medieval and renaissance theme (approximately 700 A.D. through 1700 A.D.).  We discourage imported or mass-produced items. 75% of offered items should be handcrafted

In addition to General Site Rules, Food Sites have additional requirements.  Food products must be of high quality.  Food vendors must comply with health department rules and regulations and provide a current copy of food permits.  All food service utensils (napkins, plates, cups, etc.,) must be biodegradable or recyclable, no Styrofoam allowed.

  1. We ask that coolers, phones, calculators and other post renaissance innovations be out of attendees view or covered to keep in theme with faire.
  2. Vendors using open flame must receive prior approval of Ravenwood Faire.
  3. Ravenwood Faire reserves the right to limit the duplication of food items.
  4. No generators are permitted (Unless prior approval is acquired).  Power requirements to be reviewed and approved in advance.
  5. Vendors are responsible for keeping the area around their booth and any nearby seating area, clean from trash and should dispose of trash in the garbage canister situated in back of fairgrounds.
  6. Booths using hot grease must be reviewed and approved in advance for fire safety compliance. Hot grease must be disposed of by each food vendor.

Being able to accept credit/debit cards is encouraged and will make it easier to sell your products and/or services. If you will be accepting cash only, please make sure your booth/tent displays this information to consumers.  Make sure you have cash on hand to make change for cash transactions as the Manor will not be able to provide change services.

  1. Participants are responsible for procuring and maintaining their own insurance as may be required by the nature of business they operate and their tolerance for risk exposure. Ravenwood Faire does not require a certificate of insurance for general participants.
  2. Participants which may present any elevated risk (i.e. rides and games, weapons displays and demonstrations, food preparation and service) to the fairgrounds, guests, staff or other participants will be required to provide a certificate of insurance showing proof of current General Liability or event insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 and, if applicable, Insurances as required by Federal, State or Local statute, and agrees to name Ravenwood Faire as an additional insured in respect to liability.

Participants shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ravenwood Faire/Ravenwood Foundation and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and their directors, officers, employees, agents and subcontractors against all third-party claims or actions, and any liabilities, losses, expenses, damages and costs including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees related participation at Ravenwood Faire.  Participant agrees to assume all liability, jointly and severally, for any injuries or damages that may be performance related, or that participant or its employees or contractors may cause to any persons or property arising from participation at Ravenwood Faire.


Participants will have access to the Frederick County Fairgrounds at 250 Fairground Rd, Clear Brook VA 22624 for load-in, setup and load-out.  Ravenwood Faire staff will be on-site to coordinate vehicle and foot traffic to and from sites.  Allow extra time as queue times may vary.

Reserved vendor parking will be provided in an adjoining lot.  Reserved parking is limited to two (2) vehicles per site rented.  Additional parking, if required, will be on first come first serve basis.


  • Thursday OCTOBER 17, 2024 between 3:00PM and 7:00PM
  • Friday OCTOBER 18, 2024 between 8:00AM and 12:00PM (Once unloaded all vehicles must be parked in Vendor Parking area. Gates will be closed by 2:30 pm to all vehicles)
  • Thursday OCTOBER 24, 2024 between 3:00PM and 7:00PM
  • Friday OCTOBER 25, 2024 between 8:00AM and 12:00PM (Once unloaded all vehicles must be parked in Vendor Parking area. Gates will be closed by 2:30 pm to all vehicles)


  • Sunday OCTOBER 20, 2024 between 5:30PM and 9:00PM
  • Monday OCTOBER 21, 2024 before 12:00 pm
  • Sunday OCTOBER 27, 2024 between 5:30PM and 9:00 PM
  • Monday OCTOBER 28, 2024 before 12:00 pm


Ravenwood Faire staff and lead volunteers will hold (2) two meetings.  Participants are welcome to attend.  The venue, time and agenda are as follows:

Opening Meeting at 1:00PM in front of Manor Hall – October 18, 2024, Opening Meeting at 9:00 am in front of Manor Hall – October 19, 2024, Opening Meeting at 9:00 am in front of Manor Hall – October 20, 2024, Opening Meeting at 1:00PM in front of Manor Hall – October 25, 2024, Opening Meeting at 9:00 am in front of Manor Hall – October 26, 2024, Opening Meeting at 9:00 am in front of Manor Hall – October 27, 2024 

Kickoff, recapping roles and responsibilities, logistics and announcements will be discussed and reviewed

Recapping days performance and announcements.


  1. Participants parking of RVs and campers is limited and must be approved for both location and times. Electrical and/or water hookups cannot be guaranteed unless arranged and approved in advance.  Approved participants will receive an “Overnight Parking Permit”.
  2. Participants may overnight with their booths, as long as aisles and roadways are kept clear at all times. In all cases, fairground sites must be ready by 9:00AM and operational by 10:00AM each operating day (With exception of Friday, October 18, 2024 and Friday, October 25, 2024) Sites must be ready by 2:00 pm on that day.  Approved participants will receive an “Overnight Badge” for each person approved.
  3. No guests are permitted within fairgrounds outside of public operating hours Fri. 3p-9p, Sat. 10a-7p, Sun. 10a-5p, each operating day. Security will escort from fairground premises and/or notify proper authorities for any individual not in possession of an “Overnight Badge” with corresponding proof of identity.
  4. No open fires (i.e. campfires, bon fires, burn barrels, etc.) will be permitted unless approved prior to faire – please contact: info@ravenwoodfoundation.org
  5. Quiet time is 11:00PM through 6:00AM. Please be mindful of your neighbors and the community.

(REFERS TO RAVENWOOD FAIRE 2024) Ravenwood Faire will provide security as it deems reasonably necessary during faire operating hours.  Off-hours security will not be responsible for losses of merchandise or equipment not removed from the fairgrounds or left unattended.

Ravenwood Faire will not be liable for, reporting of or withholding of any federal, state or local taxes on behalf of participants.