Become a Part of Ravenwood

Did you know the lifeblood of Ravenwood Faire is its volunteers? We have many volunteer positions open ranging from food prep and cooks, decorating, performance roles, load-in and load-out crews, cleanup crews, period musicians and poets and many more! No special experience? Don’t worry, we can help you find fit! Be part of an exciting group of volunteers and make a difference in the community at the same time!

Volunteers earn free tickets they can use on days they don’t work or give them away to friends & family. Besides such a great experience, don't forget the perks of being a volunteer! Want to know more?


Ravenwood Manor

Court of Honour

Meet the organizers and key volunteers behind Ravenwood Faire.

Baroness Adela

Baroness of Ravenwood

Baron Robert

Baron of Ravenwood

Lady Latitia Corvid

Chamberlain of Ravenwood
Subjects of the Realm

Meet the subjects of the realm.

Sir Lafalot

Chemist of Ravenwood

Lady Marsaili Mac Lochlainn

Entertainment Coordinator


Alchemist of Ravenwood


Lead Set Dresser

Glynn Maddox

The Wanderer ......and his amazing trinkets! & Props Master

Lady Alienor de Bathe

Mistress of the Horse of the Ravenwood Riders

Ahvelin Johanna

Artistic Director

Friar Cocaire

Chef Extraordinaire of the Manor

Ailsa Zorn

Royal Attendant

Lady Lisa

Ravenwood Manor Spinstress
Brewers & Vintners Guild

The merchants, artisans and skilled workers of Ravenwood.