Safety Measures At-A-Glance

Ravenwood Faire safety policies and practices is subject to the laws in effect at the time and place of venue (Frederick County, Virginia).  At time of writing, the authorative source of guidance to Virginia operating businesss is contained within the publication at bottom of this page.  Here are some key aspects of our safety policy.

Wash your hands as much as possible. Hand washing stations and sanitizing stands will be provided at faire.

Maintain 6′ social distance from other park guests and associates.

Privies will be closely monitored throughout the day. Staff will sanitize and wipe down high traffic touch areas. Food tables and chairs will be set up to assist with social distancing

WE ARE FOLLOWING THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR – EXECUTIVE ORDER – NUMBER 63 (2020) FOR ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS PLEASE READ: https://www.governor.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/executive-actions/EO-63-and-Order-Of-Public-Health-Emergency-Five—Requirement-To-Wear-Face-Covering-While-Inside-Buildings.pdf

  • Ravenwood Faire will have a maximum occupancy of 1000 patrons.
  • Please buy tickets IN ADVANCE.  Online ticket sales will be limited to 1000 tickets.
  • Entry is FIRST COME basis.
  • Online Ticket Holders have priority entry, subject to maximum capacity.
  • Limited tickets MAY be available at main gate, subject to the discretion of Ravenwood management, conditions and available capacity.

Virginia Phase Three Guidelines for All Business Sectors

The below guidelines document was captured from the official Virginia.gov website on August 21st, 2020.  It is included for convenienance and is subject to change.  The original document is available at Virginia Phase Three Guidelines .  Ravenwood Faire will closely monitor for changes to the applicable changes in law and guidance throughout the time leading to the event.  We will make every effort to comply and keep our community informed of changes should they occur.