Dew Drop

Brief info

Dew Drop is a bubbly, occasionally hyperactive fairy woman of approximately 112 years of age, a bit young for her species but an adult. She spent her childhood playing and dancing in the forests. Dew Drop inherited the duties of wildlife care, mythical creature wrangling, and dew distribution from her mother Mist Fall, her father is not certain but rumors in her childhood indicate it could have been the Puck himself. Dew Drop and her Fairy folk tribe have lived on the lands claimed as Ravenwood for generations, long before the Artisans of the village and kingdom showed up, they had initially tried to keep their distance but many like Dew Drop herself were curious and became attached to the humans
and other folk of the kingdom. She is fond of greeting everyone she meets as such she was asked to help the gate at the festival this year.

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